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The coats of arms of the Stavenow families.

according to Siebmacher.

The drawings of the following coats of arms were taken from a real old tome. In the copy I had at my disposal, the reproduction quality of the pictures was rather weak. Therefore I have to ask you for your kind appreciation of the fact that some of the images in this page are a bit unsharp as a result of choosing a larger scale.

The coats of arms.



Coat of arms Stavenow 1

Extinct Prussian Nobility

Province and March of Brandenburg
Chart 54

A native dynasty of knights in the Priegnitz, who used to live in Stavenow Castle bearing the same name and which can be traced to the 13th. century by means of documents and legal records, which, however, became extinct in its homecountry in the 15th. century. So states Siebmacher.

Joachim Sack, however, who published the book "Die Herrschaft Stavenow" holds the view, that it already died out in the second half of the 14th century, as from 1349 on, no traces of it can be found any more in official documents of that time.


Coat of arms Stavenow II

Extinct Prussian Nobility.

Province and Mark Brandenburg

Chart 54
Please note reference to Fr. Budczies' divergent opinion !

In the Neumark (area close to Frankfurt O.) on Woldenberg castle in the district of Friedeberg a dynasty can be observed during the whole of the 16th. century, bearing the same name. However it must be doubted, that they in fact were a branch of the family who lived in the Prignitz formerly. The Stavenows from Woldenberg still were rich on sons by the end of the 16th. century. Nevertheless, the familiy became extinct already in the first half of the 17th. century.


Wappen Stavenow 3

Extinct Nobility in Mecklenburg.

Chart 78

Schlichting's book of the arms (Rostock, 1689) shows a set of arms, which combines characteristics of both dynasties formerly living in Mecklenburg. However, a relation to any of the known families is not evident.


Wappen Stavenow 4

Extinct Prussian Nobility.
Province Pommerania

Chart 59

The coat of arms shown under Stavenow IV used to belong to an extinct nobel family on the Island of Rügen. However, there are no details known about this family.


Wappen Stavenow 5

Extinct Prussian Nobility.
Province of Pommerania

Chart 59

Stavenow V shows the coat of arms of a dynasty, bearing the name Stovenow, or better in old spelling: Stoghenow. This family was also living on the island of Rügen. The page (shield-bearer?) Slawke Stoghenow on Darseband on the island of Rügen bore this coat of arms. The dynasty was of Wendish descent and became extinct in 1625.


Wappen Stavenow 6

Extinct Prussian Nobility.
Province and March of Brandenburg

Chart 59

Obviously derived from II and III, Nr. VI seems to be a "degenerated variant", which, according to Siebmacher has also to be related to the name Stavenow