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Information about my findings.

Interesting facts about the coats of arms of former Stavenow families.

The coats of arms

An overview about historical events and developments which took place in the Prignitz, leading eventually to the first appearance of the name in an official document dated June 9th, 1256.

The history of both,
the Prignitz and the Name Stavenow

Linguistic information about the name Stavenow

Translation will soon be available.

Interesting facts about surnames from medieval times until today, the different clans of Stavenows and the variants of the name.

Translation will soon be available.

The theory of the gap - or: why todays Stavenows don`t bear a "von" as a title of nobility.

Translation will soon be available.

Lists of persons bearing the name Stavenow, as they were found in church-books and citizens-lists of the 17th. and the 18th. century.

Lists not yet translated. For the time being, please see lists in German.