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The local Stavenow "Clans".

In the following chapter, I would like to present the members of the Stavenow clan, descending from the Stavenow family, living in Schwerin in the 3rd. third of the 19th. century, that is: my own family. For reasons of data protection, I decided, to omit presently living persons. Surprising links to other family-clans can anyway only be found in the past.

Each person, belonging to the clan in earlier times and bearing the name, is represented by a "virtual index card". By doing so, I would like to test this method of presentation and therefore kindly ask for your critical comment.

The person's father can always be found at the upper edge of the index card as a link leading to the father's own card. If there are brothers and sisters of the person, they can be reached by the links in the colomn on the left side of the card, links at its bottom edge will bring you to the person's children, if there are any. This allows you to follow the generations through the whole familiy tree just by clicking the links.

The target of this project is to find common roots and, if there are any, links to other clans of the Stavenow familiy. This may explain, why only bearers of the name are represented with own cards and persons related by marriage are not. My intention in doing so is to maintain a minimum of clarity of the arrangement.

This is definitely not an image cultivation for its own sake. With this part of the project I would like to offer to other people, searching for the roots of their family, knowledge about my ancestors in order to eventually find missing links and/or common relatives.

Stavenows prior to Friedrich Johann Emil, * 29.11.1872, Schwerin.
The index cards are selfexplanitory to a large extend
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