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A village in the course of time.

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Stavenow a village in Brandenburg.

A virtual walk through the village.

This chapter is provided for all those Stavenows, who have not yet visited "their village".
Perhaps this walk leads one or the other of them to the idea of traveling to the
village and have a look around for himself. In the forests of the Prignitz
and in the country between Stavenow and river Elbe one can easily
imagine, that the families "von Stavenow" and "von Quitzow"
lived there as robber barons. Todays people there however
are much more friendly and from my own experience of a
warm hospitality. This is a country where you still can
find calm and peace of mind - a country ideal to
relax. Or in other words: a country ideal to
spend a couple of days of holiday there.

Coming from Karstädt and approaching Stavenow, the main street of the village lined with lime trees welcomes the visitor leading him to the center of the village: the church. The whole village Stavenow seems to be characterized by old trees. Probably this is not the latest trend in road safety. But trees alongside a road make it look nicer and even somewhat cozy.

Street lined with lime trees .

The main street of the village lined with lime trees welcomes the visitor.

Sometimes the green of the meadows reaches the street between two buildings.


Troubled times.

Following the street a visitor can see that troubled times have left their traces ......

...... and hard ones.

Traces of hard times

Construction work everywhere.

Everywhere you can see people doing repair- and construction-work ....

......and working on alterations, extensions and improvements.

alterations, extensions and improvements.


Thus it is not surprising that one can also see houses like this one ......

...... or those two!
A village in the course of time !

More modern houses.

The church surrounded with lime trees.

After some time of walking the visitor will reach the old church which used to be the center of the village. It is surrounded by a beautiful population of old lime trees partly covering the old church tower and giving shade to the old graveyard beneath it. We will however continue our walk, as we will learn more about the church in a chapter of its own.

Turning to the right after the church, the continuation of the street initially leads the visitor to ....

the continuation of the street .

The former house of the estate manager.

...... the former house of the estate manager ......

...... and passing a house built for the farmers, working for the owner of the estate .....

The "Gutsarbeiterhaus."

Stavenow Castle.

...... to Stavenow Castle. Even here a lot of constructionwork is being done! Seven holiday apartments will soon be availabe there.