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For those who are interested in the history
of Stavenow castle and hamlet

The chronicle.

Are you interested in the history of Stavenow and in its development from primeval and very early history on up till nowadays ?

Then I would like to draw your attention to the chronicle, which was published on the occation of the 725th anniversary of Karstädt. Nicely bound, about 20,5 X 20 cm large and comprising 130 pages , written in German language, the book mentions the people who gave the castle its name and tells very thoroughly about the history of both, the castle and the hamlet.

It can be ordered for a price of 14,00 € incl. postage and packing from the following address:

Amt Karstädt, Mühlenstraße 1, D-19357 Karstädt.
Please refer to: Stavenow