This site is dedicated to my dear brother

Dr. rer. nat. Friedrich Stavenow

who had to leave us much too early in the age of 65
on New Year's Morning 1998.

I would like to thank the following people for help and advice:

Above all: Mrs. Oka de Wall
and Mr. Alexander Boué,
owners of Stavenow castle.

for their warm welcome and hospitality at Stavenow castle. Without the help and information offered by Mrs. de Wall it would simply not be posible to report about the latest developments in the public life of the village.

Dr. Jürgen Stavenow, Regensburg (D)

for permanent discussion and advice and for joining me during my 2.nd trip to Stavenow

Mrs. Roswitha Rösel, Genealogist, Schwerin (D)

for her meticulous and successful search in the churchbooks of Mecklenburg.

Mrs. E. Jastram, mayor's office at Karstädt (D)

for information, her readiness to assist and her patience with my questions and requests.

Mrs. Silvia Goraus, authoress of the Karstädt chronicle (D) (See page 2a:
The history of Stavenow.)

for valuable indication of literature.

Mrs. Melanie Brenner, my dear colleague (D)

for reading the proofs of the pages written in English.

Mrs. Stefanie Rogoll, graduate
in applied languages (D)

for reading the proofs during the time of her practical studies.

Mr. Pehr E. Blomberg, Nyköping, (S)

for information about the results of his search. (Family-tree)

Mr. Anders Stavenow, Stockholm, (S)

for leaving to me the results of his search in the literature, concerning historical Stavenows.


Prof. Dr. Tilman Berger, Tübingen University

for taking the trouble to explain in a letter the origin of the name from a linguistic point of view.


Mr. Georg Grüneberg, Lenzen, Elbe

for his advice and the contact to Mrs. Rösel.


Mr. David Stavenow, Almunge, Schweden

for copies of the pictures he took while he was staying at hamlet and castle Stavenow.


Mrs. Beate Kopf reporting for the "Märkische Allgemeine"

for the tip, that this homepage needed up-dating as far as church and castle are concerned, the informative fotos about the makeshift repair of the church and for the friendly and positive articles in her newspaper.