What is the purpose of this site ?

I am almost certain, that there nowadays is knowledge about the roots of this name spread all over the world. Knowledge about people who carried it in the past, their fates and historical correlation, playing their part therein.

For this reason I would like to ask everybody - mainly the bearers of our name, but also historians familiar with the Wends and the Central German history under this special aspect - if you know anything about our roots, please send me an e-mail telling me whatever you know being of interest to me in this aspect. Ask people of elderly generations who probably don't have access to this medium and pass their knowledge on to me. I am also very keen on learning about literature mentioning our name. These information, if I get some, will be collected, condensed if necessary and they will then be published in this site in order to share my findings with all other bearers of our name. All Stavenows contributing to this site will find their names in a special page, serving as a kind of a "distinguished visitors' book".