Where is the hamlet Stavenow located ?

Ortsschild mit Dame

As a part of Karstädt, a municipality in the Northeast of Germany, you will find Stavenow about 50 mls South of Schwerin.

Stavenow can also be reached at a distance of some 90 mls in the Northwest of Berlin. It is located in the district of Prignitz in the federal state of Brandenburg.

It can be taken for shure, that the surname Stavenow of people living in our days can be traced back in some way to that hamlet. As we will learn from the chapter dealing with the history of the noble families bearing the name, there is no direct relation in a genealogical sence, however.

It is even very likely, that the name also appeared in other regions of the Slavic speech area. For more information see the chapter: "Findings."