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An aereal photograph of the village Stavenow.

Only a very few people dispose of the photograph of a village, carrying their own name !

A copy of this one, (without the legend) is for sale at a price of 12 € + postage and packing.
Size of the print is DIN A3, (42 X 29,7 cm).
Proceeds are for the benefit of the association with the aim of the conservation of
"historic Stavenow".

mailto: Förderverein

Zeile1xSpalte1.jpg Stavenow castle. Holiday appartments River Löcknitz Zeile1xSpalte2.jpg Zeile1xSpalte3.jpg
The Church- bilder/z2xs1.jpg Zeile2xSpalte2.jpg Zeile2xSpalte3.jpg
Zeile3xSpalte1.jpg Zeile3xSpalte2.jpg Zeile3xSpalte3.jpg